1. Cyber Laws are included in

2. GSM stands for

3. The only tidal port in India

4. The commission that recommended the 10+2+3 pattern education system in India

5. Which year was observed as 'Year of Broadband' in India

6. The first Indian university to start the distant education course

7. The only autobiography by an Indian PM

8. Name the state which adopted uniform civil code in india

9. The Union Territory in India with the highest population

10. The definition of the 'Urban Poor' according to the Planning Commission in India in terms of the calorie intake with respect to daily consumption is

11. The state where the largest number of people living below the poverty line is found in India

12. 'The principle of respect for all life and the practice of non-injury to living things'is known in India as

13. The Servants of India Society (1905) was formed to train people to serve the country by

14. Who founded Indian National Congress

15. The first war of Indian Independence started in

16. How many times Gandhiji became the president of Indian National Congress?

17. The Railway strike 1974 was led by

18. Anti-Arrack movement originated in

19. National waterway No 3 connects

20. Example for a land locked harbour

21. State having bicameral Legislature

22. Which one belongs to a Central government Service?

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